Looking over the rainbow - surviving lockdown

We are known for our beautiful stores, showcasing the entire range of Edge Sculpture, from the smallest orangutan, to the fiercest of them all, the T REX, we have it all on display.  

Facing the prospect of lockdown for us, like you, was daunting, and we had to act fact to ensure that we were able to quickly, and more importantly safely, execute our much loved business in a different way.  Thankfully we had been working tirelessly to produce a simple, easy to navigate, clean website, offering the entire Edge Sculpture range, and delivering it quickly, and free of charge, ensuring that no one was at a disadvantage by not coming into store, and this was already well established, and we were, and still are, learning, and improving every day, on how to bring you the best possible buying experience, more about that in the near future, but for now, the most important thing for us was a safe, fast, efficient delivery service, and it had to be FREE OF CHARGE, all over the UK, highlands and islands, no exceptions 

We had already decided to pay a little bit extra, and use DPD as our preferred delivery partners, and that has proved to be an invaluable service, they immediately introduced a no contact delivery service, whilst we put in place simple safety measures to ensure both our team's, and your safety.  DPD also allows you to track and change your delivery should you need to, and their one hour window has proven to be very popular with our customers, and we are delighted to pay for this service on your behalf, and bring it to you Free of charge, whilst you continue to support us, we appreciate each and every customer so much, and are encouraged to see so many of you returning to us regularly.

So what has been the star of lockdown? We would probably have to say the Baby Gorilla, he is gorgeous, but he is also brand new, and with JustSculptures being probably the only retailer to have him in stock at the moment, we are not surprised that he has taken the lead , so all of this considered, the Baby Orangutan and Baby Oh have still been right up there, we are delighted to be making a contribution to the Jim Cronin memorial fund for every Baby Oh sold, the work they do for primate welfare is tireless.

But we have to say, it has been a very interesting few weeks, you have wanted everything from these little babies, to rhinos, dragons, spartans, gorillas, all of the really big pieces have been in high demand,  and you have wanted them quickly! We like to think that in the absence of a holiday, or an occasion which you would otherwise be celebrating, you chose an Edge Sculpture to bring some joy into your home - and from the feedback we are receiving, they have done just that for many of you. Thankfully we were (and still are) very well stocked, and were able to satisfy everyone, there are a few of the very specialist pieces, for example the Venetian Masquerade mask, which are now sold out, these are very intricately hand painted, and as soon as manufacture begins again, we will look forward to bringing these type of pieces back to you.

If you are familiar with Edge Sculpture, and have already seen one, or own one, then you will know the phenomenal value for money they represent.  For those of you who are new to Edge Sculpture, and thinking of making your first purchase, either for yourself, or for a gift, go for it, you won't be disappointed.  They are hand cast using marble resin, and are individually hand painted, so each one is totally unique, the attention to detail from the original sculpt to the final cast is kept true, and each and every piece is manufactured, painted, and hand finished right here in the UK.

We hope that you become as obsessed as we are, we are desperate for the launch of the new Bear Cub, will he steal the baby gorillas crown? have a look at the picture of baby gorilla despatch day on our home page, and you decide, he will need to be cute!

We would like to take this chance to sincerely thank each and every one of you has supported us throughout this unprecedented time, we appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit our website, and we hope to see you back as another loyal JustSculptures customer, there are exciting things ahead, for now Stay Alert Stay Safe,



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