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Edge Sculpture Giraffe by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture Giraffe by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture

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The most graceful and elegant of creatures, and now immortalised in another stunning Edge Sculpture, and it is exceptional.

The giraffe, now classed as vulnerable to extinction, is unmistakeable to all with its unique looks, long limbs and neck, and it's very distinctive markings, somehow the giraffe in particular seems to make us feel protective towards it, with it's vulnerability to predators, both animal and human, such a gorgeous, gentle creature should be preserved and protected, a world with them as part of it, seems like a more beautiful place.  The giraffe's elegance and grace brought to life to perfection with Matts usual amazing attention to detail, in our opinion, and many of our Edge Sculpture collectors, the best to date. The grace of this magnificent creature is immortalised in both style and in the exquisite use of colour in each individually hand painted sculpture, its impressive dimensions makes for a considerable focal point


Height - 54cm, Length - 28cm, Depth - 20cm.

Weight - approx 10 kg 

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