Edge Sculpture - What are they made of?

They are sculpted from Marble & Resin, each one is individually hand painted

Edge Sculpture - Can i Keep them outside?

Yes you can, they are primarily designed for indoors, however, the materials are weatherproof, as with anything kept outdoors, they will weather with sun and harsh weather conditions.

How do I clean my Sculpture?

For Edge Sculpture, a soft bristled brush gets in around the open work of the sculpture, for everything else, a dry duster

Edge Sculpture - opening the box

Edge Sculpture are very intricately designed, and some have very delicate pieces, for example tails, legs, teeth, fins, please very carefully lift the product out of the moulding by a solid middle piece, never try to prize out by an end piece, or small piece, this can cause breakage

Richard Cooper & Frith Sculpture - what are they made of

They are Cold Cast Bronze.  There are also a range within each of these which are solid bronze, the information is on each product