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Edge Sculpture African Elephant Bust by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture African Elephant Bust by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture

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The African Elephant Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley, probably the largest and most imposing of all of the range, from the distinctive ears, to the unique 'two fingered' trunk, and the colour and texture of the skin, this creation made from marble resin, is mesmerising in its intricacy


Height - 47.5cm, Length - 68cm, Depth - 70cm

Weight - approx 24kg

Edge Sculpture is a series of Contemporary Sculptures for the Home, designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley in his studio in Shropshire, England.  Each piece is first sculpted from clay, which allows the initial creation of these magnificent sculptures.  A mould is then developed from the original cast which ensures precise reproduction of the original sculpture with a special blend of marble stone castings. Each piece is then individually hand painted, so no two are ever exactly the same, with the end result being a stunning statement piece and talking point for your home.

There is so much to know about the African elephant, for example, it can be identified from other elephants by the size of its ears, (which radiate heat to help keep them cool) and the 'fingers' on the end of it's trunk, and with the usual attention to detail, both of these distinct features can be easily recognised on the sculpture

African elephants have a vital role in their ecosystem, in fact they have become known as 'ecosystem engineers.  For example, when it's dry season, they use their tusks to dig up what appear to be dry riverbeds, but actually they create watering holes both for themselves and other animals to drink from.  Also, the elephants  love of feasting on shrubs, plants and trees, create clearings and pathways for smaller animas to move through, their uprooting of trees also helps clear the landscape for other animals to thrive. 

Elephant ears radiate heat to help keep them cool, but if the heat gets too much, they love to shower themselves with water by sucking the water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves, and then spray themselves with a protective coating of dust

An elephant's trunk is actually their nose, they use it for breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and of course smelling, but they also use those two finger like features to grab things - especially if they see a tempting meal!

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