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Edge Sculpture Baby Orangutan "Alba" (white) by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture Baby Orangutan "Alba" (white) by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture

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Baby Orangutan 'Alba", in honour of Alba, the worlds only known albino orangutan, the latest addition to the Edge Sculpture Born to be Wild Series of Edge Sculpture Babies


Orangutans have exceptionally long arms, around 1.1m, giving them a total  arm span of about 2.2 m, considering they stand at only around 1.5m, thats an impressive reach, their arms are 1.5 times longer than their legs, and their arms stretch all the way to their feet when standing. 

Orangutans are happy to use both hands and feet for swinging through the trees, and gathering dinner! and like us, they have 4 fingers, fingernails, and a thumb, unlike, us, their hands and feet look exactly the same, as they are designed for agility, essential for gripping and climbing.  They learn everything they need to know from mum, staying with her till they are 7 years old, she will teach them whats good to eat, as well as the vital lessons on how to survive, because of this 7-9 year learning curve, orangutans only have young every 7-9 years,  this makes it the longest birthing gap of any mammal.

They are exceptionally clever creatures, and some have known to use tools like sticks to get insects out of trees, or amazingly, plant leaves as "gloves" to protect them from the thorny skin of their much loved prickly fruits and branches


Height - 20cm, Length - 14cm, Depth - 10cm.

Weight - approx 2kg  

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