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Edge Sculpture Baby Gorilla by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture Baby Gorilla by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture

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The Edge Sculpture Baby Gorilla by Matt Buckley. if you are looking for a special gift for someone, this is guaranteed to be a winner, slightly bigger than the baby orang-utan and baby oh, this was a deliberate part of the creative process for Matt, and when sat together with the baby orang-utans, they look superb.

The latest addition to the every popular, and growing, Edge babies range, this has been the most successful Edge launch ever, and you can see why, his is gorgeous,  


They are born weighing only 3/4lb, around half the weight of a human baby, but will weigh as much as 500lb as an adult, they start to crawl at around 2 months old, and have learned to walk by around 9 months old, they breastfeed for around 2/12 years, and stay with their mother until they are around 4.  They mature at around 11 years of age, and live till 35 on average i the wild, and 50 i captivity, they don't need to drink water, getting all of the fluids they need from food and dew.



Height - 23cm, Length - 19cm, Depth - 11cm.

Weight - approx 2kg 

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