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Edge Sculpture Barn Owl by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture Barn Owl by Matt Buckley

Edge Sculpture

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Edge Sculpture Barn Owl by Matt Buckley. An exceptionally lifelike, and lifesize sculpt, exquisite attention to detail, including the very branch its sits on


When you hear a hoot, that is not a barn owl (it's a tawny owl), barn owls screech!  As you will see in the detail in this sculpture they have exceptionally long legs, talons and and toes to help them catch prey in long grass.  They have super sensitive hearing, and eyes, their large eyes can spot a vole in a very dark space, they hunt at night, and can eat around 1500 small mammals a year! They have lopsided ears, one is higher than the other, mother nature has provided them with these to help them identify the exact location of the smallest of sounds


Height - 38.5cm, Width - 28cm, Depth - 23cm

Weight - approx 6kg

Thank you to our friends at Edge Sculpture for this beautiful video of the barn owl, which showcases this beautiful and elegant sculpture to stunning effect.



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